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Mobile 1 - 10W50 - car oil.
I've heard some say it works great in their bikes. Anyone using car oil?
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It's 15W50 isn't it? i have read a lot...some technical and some forum threads. The concensus seems to be that M1 for cars should be just fine. M1 for V-twins is slightly different with very slightly different addiatives and specially made in a 20W50 to match harley reccomendations.

It all comes down to cost. the bike M1 is more expensive for no real good reason. If you use a lot, use the car oil. If you only ride enough to change once/twice a year, spend a few bucks and use the 20w50.
Right - 15W50. Thanks.
Do a search in the forums for oil or synthetic oil. There has been a lot of good discussion about this recently.
No ****.

THIS thread has a couple of links in it, and one bit of information that may be of interest. I have not verified it, but it's easy enough to try if you want to pursue it.
syn. oil

The difference between car oil and motorcycle oil is motorcycle oil has a sling additive to it and the car oil doesn't. Even though you are using syn. car oil don't be fooled that it is giving you more protection. Air cooled motorcycles run at higher temps. than car's do and oil manfactures formulate oil's for the difference in these temps. If you are on the road and need oil right now, then go ahead and use car oil, as a matter of fact Harley recommends that if you have to have oil right now and cannot get motorcycle oil then use diesel 15/40 oil. So listen up, use CAR oil for car's and please use oil's in you cycle made for motorcycles. Do some research on oil's and you will see why.
I knew that this was a lengthy topic on other forums, but after doing a search on ours :D, I didn't find anything.

I did notice in Hippo's link that he is as respected there as he is here. We should all be proud to have him!

I certainly don't want this issue to become drawn out too long, like it has on other forums. So, let's go with "to each's own" and leave it at that.

Thanks for the responses.
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