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oil pressure gauge

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Doing BB build with Baisley spring and I want to add oil pressure gauge to the bike. Been looking at Arlen Ness or would the MOCO one be better? Is 60 lbs. enough or should I go with 100.

Thanks, Dave
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I have the MOCO. Get the Ness, errr........
tell you what, I sell you my MOCO and I'll get the Ness!
While I am thinking about this though the slickest setup I have seen is one by Autometer. I saw them this past fall with and without a small Autometer tach paired off with the pressure guage.
Thanks M

Was the Autometer gauges on the rocker cover or on the bars? And do you think 60lbs. is enough when using the baisley spring?

60 psi is fine, but do check out the autometer gauges as they are of very high quality, as are all their gauges. I still have my tach from when I went down it is CRUSHED it still worked.
a thought to consider: if you go with the 0-100, the nombers will be smaller and the increments will be harder to read while riding.
0-60 will be much easier to interpret while riding.
if you are running over 60 going down the road at operating temp, you need to back off the spring pressure or you wil experience sumping.
They were rocker box mounted. They looked sorta like these but were not these

I have the ness and think it's pretty good. No leaks and a stainless oil line. get it off eBay and save a buck or two. have heard people say the MoCo gauge has tendency to leak?

If you get the Ness gauge, It won't bother your leg being on the rocker box but be careful in the Summer. It gets HOT. In the winter I use it for a right hand warmer.
I bought the HD gauge kit, but I was very uneasy with the supplied plastic line. I then purchased a Russell braided line. Much better now.

I've got the Ness mounting kit with the silver face Autometer gauge. It looks and works great, no complaints.
Ness is better than the MOCO. 60 lbs is enough
Thanks everybody. I think I'm goin with the Ness bracket and Autometer gauge like Lavaking set up.
I got the Ness off ebay. Chrome is great. Directions were not to good, but its not rocket science.
It does rub against myu leg though, and gets hot too.
Will the ness oil pressure guage fit with the Autometer dual rocker box guage bracket? I want to use a tach in the large diameter cup and a ness oil pressure guage in the smaller cup.

Be careful... that 2 cup mount looks like it's going to fry your leg off.... You might be able to throw a steak on it and it would be ready when you ended your ride.
rpbrock said:
Be careful... that 2 cup mount looks like it's going to fry your leg off.... You might be able to throw a steak on it and it would be ready when you ended your ride.
The assembly stays cool while riding. Touching it is not a problem. But when you are sitting, in traffic say, it gets mighty hot...and fairly quickly too.

but does it constantly rub your leg or is it pushed in a little i would really love a tac and oil psi gauge on my night train and thay need to make black ones for a night train geez not everone likes chrome :)
Not trying to be a smart arss here, but could someone explain the usefulness of a rocker box mounted tach? Personally, I need a tach mostly when I'm on the throttle, so looking down next to the engine is not where I want to have my eyes trying to hit my shift points on the money.
Pretty sure Midnight Sporty is looking for the combo deal that houses both the tach & pressure gauge.
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