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Oil leak help

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1985 FXRS, I have a slow oil leak from the hose at the oil filter mounting bracket where the hose connects to the 90 degree barbed fitting. The fitting is loose in the filter mount and I need to remove the filter mount base in order to tighten the fitting.

How do I unscrew the filter mount, I have put considerable torque on it and it does not move, not sure from looking at the parts book how it's mounted. Looks like the threaded pipe the filter screws onto goes through the mount and into the trans housing? I'm afraid to put any more force on it.
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Oh, I just looked in the parts book again, looks like there is a bolt from the top of the trans case, I'm thinking I need to take the starter off to get to that bolt, correct?
correct, one 3/4" ish bolt on top of the tranny case mount. Im pretty sure you need to remove the starter to get to it.
Before you pull the starter, crawl under there and take another look. I'm 90% sure you can get a wrench on it without removing anything.
Well Caveman, I already have it apart, but your correct, it would be possible to get a wrench on it under the starter. But there was so much yuck under the starter area I'm glad I took it off, it would probably be easier anyway.
Thanks to both of you.
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