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Originally posted by mike martin After a run the bottom of the air cleaner drips oil onto the cam cover, about 5/6 big drops. Then with the next run these drops blow back onthe muffler and shield. I hear tha *** is normal for crank case to do this. My question on a $18,000 motorcycle is this normal?
I had this problem - carb pucking - no it is not normal on any bike I know of.

First pull your air cleaner cover and filter and run the bike - check to see if there is a reversion problem between your jetting and your pipes, if there is the carb will be spraying gas into the filter - as well as spraying gas into the intake manifold - I guess it would be more accurate to say the gas is being pushed out of the carb. As a result the K&N filter (Do you have a K&N?) will get wet and the oil in the filter is what you see dripping. IF this is what's happening then your problem is jetting (or carb problems) and pipes, timing - the combination thereof.

If this is not the problem you can read all I did to fight it and see what you want to do. www.geocities.com/~tex_rustler/pucking.html
or just hit the site, chose harleys, chose tech tips, and chose TC88 carb pucking.
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