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Started to get oil in air cleaner from breather hose,after having carb, worked on, told mach. and he said to replace the unbrella valves and drill out oil return holes bigger. So I did that, still had oil coming out of the carb cleaner. Bought a Kuryakyn breather tube to fix problem, still have oil out of cleaner! I have heard that this is a commen problem with this year eng, 1995 Evo (FLHR). Anyone else had this problem and if so how did you fix it

Thanks in advance!!!!

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Dunno if this has any revelance but it might give you food for thought???

HD tech bulletin...............

November 6, 2000

TC-88 Oil Pump Alignment:

It has been observed that some TC-88 engines are experiencing oil in the
air cleaner when the vehicle is driven at high speeds. The correction
for this condition is to align the oil pump. This is accomplished using
the Evo2 tappet block alignment screws, P/N HD-33443. The procedure is
as follows:

1. Loosen all pump assembly mounting screws.
2. Remove two screws diagonal to each other.
3. Install the tappet block alignment screws in these two positions.
4. Torque the remaining screws to specification.
5. Remove the alignment screws/tools.
6. Install the previously removed screws and torque them to specification.

NOTE: This procedure must be performed anytime an oil pump is removed and
reinstalled. This will ensure proper oil pump function.

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