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oil drain plug location dusce

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I bought a used 2000 dusce but now i want to drian the oil but i can seeem to find the drain plug.I see a plug that has a allen wrench but it just won't budge even if i put on a cheater bar.the plug is on the bottom of the engine on the brake side,I drained the primary case but where is the engine drain?
please help.:thanks:
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I'm not the best one to answer this, but there's a fitting on the right side of the frame. Follow a tube down from your oil tank, and you'll find it.

With the bike on it's side stand, follow the lower right frame rail back to where it ends at the swing arm. On the bottom of that frame rail is the plug. This drains the oil tank, you do not dain the crank case.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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