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I have a '92 Fatboy with stock Evo engine and about 20,000 miles. Oil was leaking out of the primary cover so the dealership replaced all of the internal seals. Leak fixed. There has been a lot of black exhaust buildup on the back fender. This was true before the leak and after. The two may be totally unrelated. I had black on the fender before as well.

My questions are these. How much oil consumption is normal. Am I looking at a rebuild? How tough a job is it for a reasonably handy guy. What does the dealership charge for this much work?


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I do consider myselves as a reasonable handy guy.
Rebuilding Triumphs, Guzzis and Jap-Bikes and running BoT-Races
with a heavily modified MG LeMans back in `85 and `86 , yea
I know a bit.
Still I keep my hands off my 72 FL. Why ?
It`s called experience on the product.
After watching my maniac mechanic rebuilding the heads
I just thought "What the heck ?"
I can`t compensate 25 years of experience on Knuckles,Pans
and Shovels by leafing thru a book.
(gearboxbreather-bolt at the wrong spot is a favourite...)

Comin` to your troubles:
I don`t get it what you mean by "Black on fender"
What is it? Oil or simply burnt-off paint `cause your pipes are
too short and shooting to the sky ?
(no kidding, a mate pans` started smouldering cause of his
upswept pipes)
If you wanna know about the engines condition you have to perform
a "leak-down" test.
A look on the sparks gives you clue about the (present) adjustment
of ignition and carb. A compression-test tells you another thing.
How`s overall performance ?

If your "trusty" shop doesn`t know what you mean ,look for
another one.
If overall-performance is still alright, I personally don`t
see any need to open her when consuming less than 1 litre
of oil on ~600mls.


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Thanks shovelbolle. Sounds like the leak down test is what I need. To clarify the black fender comment, I have up swept pipes and the black stuff on the fender looks like soot from burnt oil. The bike starts and runs great and doesn't act like anything is wrong. It's just using some oil.

I'll pull the plugs and see how they look. If I need rings I think I'll let the dealership do the job.

Another question. If I am going to have the top end rebuilt should I look at larger jugs, pistons etc? What are the pros and cons?


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Hi there,
well you need to know what you want.
More torque ?
More speed ?
More power ?
See, more horses often mean another cam.
Another cam maybe requires different lifters,jets for the carb, ignition.
The only bolt-on kits without too much hassle afterwards are the ones from S&S (I`m sure there are more and I don`t mention RevTech purposly)

I know from my ole racing days, that any modification at any spot of the engine will influence another item for sure. 100 pro.

If you just wanna keep the performance like it is, get stockparts (i`m conservative...);such as piston oversize 2 or 3 up to 7,if neseccary.

If you want to have a mild stroker you need to clarify this with an experienced mechanic/shop.
Someone you can trust and who gives waranty on the job done.

I believe that H-D are rather cheap to keep em running, however sicnificant more horses costs you an awful lot.
Don`t believe the hype when it says: "For a few $$ get more power."
Use your common sense.

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