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Oil Change: 2002 Electra Glide Classic

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Hello guys and gals, I have a really good question for everyone.

I need to change the oil on a 2002 Electra Glide Classic (as the title of my post suggests).

However, I am not sure exactly which bolts I need to remove in order to do this. I was told that one is for the oil and that another... when removed, can drain the transmission fluid. As this would be a terrible and costly mistake, I would really appreciate any feedback on this situation. I need to change my oil! And I need some help to do it!

Also, if you need any pictures of the bike to help, I can most likely get some posted on here. If not, and you are familiar with the setup on the bike, or have your own pictures... your input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance...

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Under the bike, on the leading edge of the transmission pan, there is a 5/8" head bolt protruding from the aluminum pan with the head pointing forward. This is the engine oil drain. Right next to it there is a recessed 3/8" pipe plug with a internal hex. Don't touch this one.

If you want to drain the gearbox there is another 5/8" plug on the pan with the head pointing down hidden in a recess of the pan near the right side frame rail.

Both drainplugs look the same and have a small hex recess in the center of the 5/8" hex head and there are no other bolts on the bike that look like this.

Make sure the O ring on each plug is not cut before you put them back and do not overtighten the plugs. Ideally you would use a torque wrench set at the low end of the spec. These threads are easily damaged if you force them. Good idea to use a little teflon pipe sealant on the plugs when you put them back.
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Thanks very much for your help Hippo, I am going to check it out and get back to ya. : )
If this is your bike, you would be very wise to buy a service manual. It will tell you exactly what you need to know. If this is a friend's bike, have them bring along the owner's manual that came with the bike; it will tell you the same thing.
I have a Dyna (FXDL), but was helping out a friend change the oil in his Fatboy. Neither of us knew where the drain plug was until we looked in the owner's manual (his wife actually called the dealership where the bike was purchased to ask them where the plug was). My buddy's brother tried to help a couple of days before, and was trying to get the wrong "plug" out of the engine case! (good thing it wouldn't come out!)
One last thing; make sure you change the oil filter (after you change the oil, just in case something goes wrong). :D
To be quite honest, it is actually my father's bike. But I will admit, I love riding on it. It's an extreme thrill compared to driving a car. I want to pick up a sportier bike sometime in the future though.

Anyhow, I appreciate the help from both of you. You seem to know what you're talking about. The reason I came here for my dad is because I'm the internet savvy one. Running an online forum myself, I figured there had to be a forum somewhere for Harleys- looks like I was right, duh. :)

As far as the owner's manual goes, is there any possibility you can give me the page number that the information is on? My father said he looked all through it and didn't see it anywhere in there. And like your friend, he didn't want to call the dealership - I even offered to do it for him!

If not, where would you suggest getting the manual from? He's not too much of a lush when it comes to spending money on himself, even though he bought the bike, paid it off and has tons of accessories already (I am sure you all know and can relate to these circumstances on a first-hand level).

Any other help is greatly appreciated!

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The best manual is the official Harley-Davidson service manual. You should be able to find it in stock at your local dealer. Get one while you're there to pick up your oil and filter for your dad's bike.
As for the page number? I don't know, you'll have to look in the index.
Good Luck...
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