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...well not really "forced", but seeing that they're going to do the labour, it's the perfect opportinuty.

It's an early 2005, EFI Fatboy and I have to add oil every time I fill up with fuel ! Valve stem seals ?

The dealer is very supportive about it and if it wasn't for the fact that it's right in the middle of my very short riding season (Middle-east), I would've been jumping for joy....... 95" !

My head is spinning (no pun intended, giving the questions I have) from reading all the threads on this matter, so here goes another 95" build please ?

1. As it stands I have V&H Bigshot Staggereds, Stage 1 flash, PCIII and Hypercharger.
2. Majority/ the bigger of the parts must come out of the SE catalog, via the dealer, thus the basis will be SE heads, pistons and BB cylinders.
3. I would like to get the balance from one of the forum sponsors : geardrive cam (a must !), gaskets, Baisley spring, Barnett SR3 spring conversion etc.
4. I ride 2-up a lot, around town only and I'm looking for a torque motor.

The two options as I understand it is :
1. HTCC heads, HTCC pistons, intake manifold, standard thickness gasket and 55G cam ?
2. SE Performance heads, flattop pistons and 37G cam ?

My concern with option 1 is the additional cost of the valvetrain and I believe I'll need roller rockers, pushrods, compression release and what else ?

For option 2, what thickness gasket will get me to the right CR for the 37G ? Do I need pushrods, roller rockers and what else ? Advance key ?

Thank you for all the time and effort and sharing of experiences by all the contributors and a save and merry Xmas + 2006 to all !
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