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Oh well..here goes

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My riding started many moons ago, but quit for a while, and last year when the snow melted (around May ) and the sled was put away, I saw a Honda Sabre that I liked and after a MSF refresher course I was on the way to customizing and slapping chrome on everything that had paint on it and just having a great time...6K miles last year. Live in Vermont 10 miles from the Canadian border, so snow usually comes early. Don't fall asleep on me...here comes the good part.
Went to Las Vegas in August, not a gambler so I rented a bike and although it was 110 in the shade, had a blast riding in Red Rock canyon and up in the mountains. The bike was a Black Fatboy, liked it right away. So much better than my old sportster a generation ago. Sometime in February I came down off the mountain for groceries and not sure what made me do it, but snuck in to see the Harleys in the showroom and I saw this blue FXDWG3 with a price tag that stops your heart, and remember that love affair everyone says is no good for you? Against all reasonable thinking, gave them a check. Had to sell a few toys and will be eating snow and maple syrup for a few years, and now I can't wait until my dirt road heals up..we call this time of year mud season, so I can bring it home. Thanks for reading...hope to ride with some of you..obtw..anyone want to buy a Sabre?..make you a deal!
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LOL! snow333, I can relate to having to eat snow and maple syrup. Only here it's only the syrup. Man I really like the wide glide 3. They have one at one of the local dealers here. But they won't even let me sit on it. It's one cool bike. I know that you are luvin it! Welcome to our little home away from home.

Good for you, Snow! There's nothing wrong with starting with a Sabre.

But you can bet that a lot of riders on this Forum can appreciate you succumbing to the H/D call. :D And some probably paid a little more than they should of, too. Anyway, you're going to love yer bike.

The Red Rock Canyon area outside of Vegas is quite a place to ride. Even when the temp is 110. 'glad you decided to do that--ya' probably saved enough money being out of the casinos to afford the Harley. :D
Welcome to the forum, snow333!

Nice to have another New Englander in here, this forum is a great place to hang out.

Don't ya just love mud season? LOL

Nice intro, & enjoy your Wide Glide!
Hello Snow and welcome to the board. I'd love to see a pic of the new bike when you get it home. Riding season is almost here, enjoy:)
Welcome aboard! You know what they say . . . "you can never go back!". Once you've been bittin' by the Harley bug, you'll never be satisfied with any other bike.

The wife and I spent the night in your beautiful state last September. I wanted to buy some of that Vermont Maple Syrup, but I suspected that it was priced by some ex-HD dealer. Way to much money for such a little can!
Thanks to all for the warm welcome. :D
Hey Snow333, Welcome from another New Englander. Vermont is also a beautiful place to ride. Bride's folks are from Tunbridge. Ever get there for the Fair? Her kin live right next to it. Anyway's tell me more about the Vegas rental. I'm going in September and wouldn't mind doing something like that also, as I am not a big fan of gambling. Hell, I gamble getting up in the morning! And I really don't like "handing" my money over without getting anything in return!:rolleyes:
Yes, the Tunbridge World's Fair. Used to see the locals wearing their holstered 6 shooters with a 6 pack of beer( 1 can missing) with the empty ring slung over the gun's grip. Walking with the wife and kids, of course. Before anyone reads this and thinks I'm exagerating, Vermont has liberal gun laws, guess that's why we're the safest state in the country. Nice little town.
I rented from Eagle Rider in Las Vegas. They are in the book and I have seen them on the net. Very friendly, showed my license, think the rate was $130 a day. Also hit the credit card for $1000, refundable when they get her back. I called ahead and was told I pretty much had my choice of bikes. All bikes have storage in some form. The Fatboy, 2001 with 13K miles, had a sissybar and T-bag and disc locks. Stayed at Ballys, asked the valet and he let me park it in a corner of a lot right next to hotel entrance.
Rode to Red Rock Canyon, and up the road to Mt. Charleston I think, it has a ski area up in the mountains, lots of places to pull off and enjoy the surroundings, and it was 20 degrees cooler than Vegas. Was there in August and it never went below 110! Not many people renting or riding in that heat. Eagle Rider warned me about riding to Death Valley. Needless to say, I stopped frequently and drank lots of water. It was a blast! I'm seriously thinking about renting for a week in Utah and touring as much as possible. Ride safe, I'm in Montgomery Center BTW, near Jay Peak.
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Yeah and they roll up the sidewalks at night! Thanks for the info. It will be on my agenda when I get there. Going with a bunch of people, including the in-laws, and I might need to get away from everybody.:p
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