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Being in a country with no H-D dealership (and no BMW, Triumph or Kawasaki dealership; and the Suzuki dealership only sells parts now...) I am not seriously considering a Buell Blast!, but I am interested in learning how it compares to its competition: Suzuki GS500E, Kawasaki EX500 (Ninja 500R), and MuZ Skorpion Tour. (I just realized that NONE of these bikes are available in Jamaica! Oh blast! :( )
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You can get a Monster 620 for another grand, and then you have something to play with.
And then I guess I would also consider the SV650...

But the bikes I had named before (Blast!, GS500E, EX500/Ninja 500R, Skorpion Tour) are already beyond my current grasp, and are probably better commuters and everyday bikes than the Monster and the SV.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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