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This Power lock kit was introduced by HD in the 2008 Parts Catalog for Touring Bikes with a Tourpak and Hard Saddlebags.

Power Lock Kit HD part number 76510-08 I'm looking for $700 SHIPPED to the lower 48. Pretty firm on this price since this kit doesn't exist any where anymore.

If you're interested I suggest you read on because if your not familiar with Power Locks in Harleys I highly recommend saddlebag liners since the solenoid boxes sit at the bottom of the Saddlebags!!

Once you read the description taken from the HD Parts Catalog you will notice you can't use regular Saddlebag Liners. This kit requires specific HD saddlebag liners to accommodate the solenoid housings that sit on the bottom of the saddlebags.. I have those liners as well since I had the intent of installing this kit. The right liner I have for sale has a cut out for a Aux Power Port 69200091

Saddlebag Liner Left and Right HD part numbers 88236-07(93300030) & 88235-07 $75 for the pair plus shipping to you.

My intent was to install the kit on my 2010 Road Glide w/ a detachable Tourpak but got into a major accident before I could do that. This kit has been tucked away behind a bunch of other parts that are also getting listed for sale. I searched the internet and I can't find this kit for sale anywhere. So I feel this is a rare opportunity for someone to get a part of what a CVO has whether you have a custom bike or are just looking for the convenience.

To be clear this kit was never installed on a bike. Some of the packages have been opened but not the small hardware packages. My dealer tried very hard to try and match an ignition key to the key included in this kit but was not successful. So the key will unlock the Tourpak and Saddlebags only. Maybe your dealer will be able to or you know someone who can.

Taking to my parts guy at the dealer he said that this kit should have no problem fitting 1993 to 2013. Some of the part numbers changes very little if at all between those years from what I understand. I realize that the catalog says 2008 but the catalog picture is from a 2008 P & A Catalog. This is really a stand alone unit that just needs 12 volts to it and nothing else from the bike as I read the instructions so that why I state down to 1993. The kit just has special plugs for a 2008 to get the 12 volts which can obviously be changed.

I hope ALL this info answers any questions you may have but if it doesn't feel free to PM me or ask me in this post if you think it will help others.
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