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NZ Newbie

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Hi all......

Bought my first Harley this week, an '04 Dyna. I was originally going to buy an '06 Sportster but was recommended by some local Harley fans to get a second-hand Dyna instead.

I've been riding bikes for over 15 years, mainly plastic crotch rockets but also some old Jap and British classics. I moved to New Zealand from the UK last April and decided that cruzin' around in the sun here would be fun.

So far I love the Dyna and it's much nicer to ride than I first imagined. It already has SEII slip-ons and wire wheels. Next step is an SE air filter and re-jet. Still polishing it at the moment (can't believe it's come to this... must be middle age). Just fitted a rev counter to make me feel a bit more at home :yes:
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Welcome from Indiana. And congrats on that new sled. We're glad you are here!


To see pix of my ride...
Welcome to the forum. I have a freind that went to New Zeeland on vacation, he said it's a beautiful place with very freindly people.

good luck and ride safe.
:welcome: to the forum. Congrats on the Dyna!! Post up often and enjoy.
Another Kiwi

Hi there glad to see another kiwi here..where in nz are you? I am in Wgtn....welcome to the site..its a good one :wavey:
Hi Brett, I'm in Featherston, I work in Welly. Do you belong to HOG or just get together for ride outs etc... ?

Just fitted my SE Air Filter and went for a blast around the lake.

Welcome to the forum. Making the world smaller, one member at a time!
I joined HOG when I bought the bike in December....there is a big HOG get together on 21st I think at Kaitoke..but I am away for that..........we will have to catch up for a ride................:chopper:
welcome aboard.

Fine set of wheels you have.

Post up and feel at home.
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