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I don't know where you can get one, but I would reconsider. I heard they were all being recalled for the styrofoam lining that was deteriorating. Also, the ones I tried on a year ago at a local shop seemed like they would only fit someone with a perfectly round Charlie Brown head-as if they used a big soup bowl for a helmet mold.

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I got mine over the Net. I really like it. It's lightweight, cool, and thin, almost like a novelty helmet. The recall is not because of the Foam but because it failed the DOT test for punctures. They claim a 15 minute fix. I just did a search by "NEXL" and found them for $99.99 at www.Gearheadalley.com . I don't know anything about these guys but there they are.

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Here's the link to their site :)


They DID recall some units manufactured during a certain time period...see below:


NexL™ Sports Products
121 Aviation Way, Watsonville, Ca. 95076
(888) FOR-NexL • (831) 786-1800 fax -1804 • www.nexlsports.com

Dear Customer, March 27 2002

This notice is sent to you in accordance with the requirements of the National Traffic and
Motor Vehicle Safety Act.
NexL Sports Products has determined that all sizes of its NXT "Beanie" helmets, NEXL 01,
Part Nos., MB021,
MB031, and MB041 manufactured prior to February 28, 2002, fail to comply with Federal
Motor Vehicle Safety
Standard (FMVSS) No. 218, "Motorcycle Helmets."

These helmets have areas in the shell which could allow a sharp object to penetrate to the
users head, and the plastic
loop at the right strap could break under high loading. In the event of a crash, serious
head injury or death could occur
from penetration of the helmet or excessive force and/or, should the plastic loop of the
chinstrap break, the wearer
would be unprotected. Also, under FMVSS 218, these helmets are required to have a label
with a model number and
a warning to the user, "Make No Modifications."


NexL Sports Products will rework all NXT helmets at our facility in Watsonville, CA. We will
disassemble each helmet
and add a lamination within the outer shell to prevent penetration and remove the plastic
loop and loop the chinstrap
around the ear strap and secure it with reinforced stitching. Also, a label will be affixed to
your helmet which will
contain a model number and a warning to not make modifications to the helmet. This
procedure will be performed at
no charge and a pre-paid UPS label will be sent to you so you can return your helmet to


Please contact us as soon as possible to arrange for us to rework your helmet. The labor
time necessary to perform
these corrections is approximately 15 minutes. However, it may take a couple of days to
receive, repair, and return
your helmet if you have to ship it to us. In the interest of your safety, if this is the only
helmet which you have or can
use, NexL Sports Products warns that you not ride your motorcycle until your helmet is


All reworked helmets will have a new warning label with a date code after 3/1/02 and the
model number will change to
If you believe that we have failed to repair your helmet without charge and within a
reasonable amount of time, you
may submit a complaint to the Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration, 400 Seventh Street, SW,
Washington, DC 20590 or call the toll-free Auto Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236.
Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Customer Service
NexL™ Sports Products.

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I really like these helmets, they are lightweight , but like others have said, I tried a couple on at Orlando HD last week and couldn't get one to fit. I normally wear a XL, they even brought out an XXL, that thing is too tight from front to back. It would surely give me a headache if I had to wear it.

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Finally picked up an NXL today, gotta say, I really like this new helmet. Lightweight and fits far better than the other helmets I have worn. Previous ones made me look like a turtle or mushroom head! Normally I wear size small, but with the NXL a Medium fit me just fine. Paid $127.00 for it here in Hawaii.
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