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With a flat top piston at 98" and 79cc head he is at an honest 10:1 and the cam has a late 46 intake closing. Proper timing settings and there would be no timing pulled.
Does put the whole tune in question however and if the timing was set wrong it would pull timing and totally blow any power and torque production
I have domed pistons ( 3.4 on spec sheet ) and as it may seem like I’m chasing numbers, I’m really not. It does run good and I’m happy with it, all I was saying is that I thought for sure my numbers would be higher than what they are. I think tuning has a lot to do with it and I’m looking into a different cam. I care about torque as that’s what I use, HP numbers dont really matter to me as I rarely get to 5k rpm or higher. I’m looking at the Red Shift 575, any experience with those? Thanks
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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