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Considering the method you chose to do the build I'd say the numbers are pretty decent.

As suggested above, you do have some parts that may not be working together as well as possible. You were warned of this a year ago when you were trying to pick a cam to work with other parts that you had. Best that I remember, you were trying to select a cam that "comes on early" to work with 10.5 to 1 compression.

Before you start piecing together a build with parts chosen out of the blue, stop. Decide what you want the end product to do and what is important to you. How are you going to ride, what RPM you want run the engine, etc. The cam is going be what determines the power band. The head ports will complement the cam and can extend the power in the upper RPM range of the power band. The proper compression will help extract the best efficiency of the combination. But I would never start with, "Hmm, I have these pistons, let's figure out what cam I can run with them." That's ass backward.

Start with a realistic goal, choose cam and head work with the goal in mind, THEN select compression. And don't forget the tune which can make or ruin the whole build.

edit: and you can enhance or compromise the build with the right or wrong exhaust
One last bit of advise since it's obvious you want a good running bike but don't have the experience to choose a combination of parts that will work together. Pick a shop with proven record of customer satisfaction and let them know what your goal is for your scoot. If the parts you have now and the other stuff you think you want (pipes, throttle body, etc.) aren't going to work well with XYZ heads, it's best to find out before you spend a lot more $$ and come back here, or the other forum wanting to how to fix it. DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. Best way to do that is with the help of a good shop that has some skin in the game because you went with their recommendations.
If 110/100 was your goal then you should have been seeking advice to reach that goal.
110 lb/ft and 100 HP is relatively easy to come by on a 98" motor with the right combination of parts and proper tuning. You could get more on a "happy" dyno or less on a stingy one but that's just number.

Bottom line is, how does it run now? You can say you're not chasing numbers but...
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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