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NOS SE cam plate-oil pump kit questions.

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Hey all,
Still getting parts together for the 05 FXDCI.
Got a NOS plate hydraulic tensioner kit # 25284-08 Dated 2011.
The pump looks like OEM , the # is 26277-06. Was expecting the 62400004 Hi Flow SEpump.
Couldn't find an answer with the search function.
Did I get the wrong pump , or the numbers changed ?

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Thanks a bunch RT, you are much appreciated. I found that thread with a search also but couldn’t decipher the difference in the pumps. Took the stock pump apart and the georotor on the kit one is quite larger. So there’s that, Got the NOS kit at a good discount so probably go with
When you buy NOS of anything, you must know exactly what it is you seek, or, most likely, you will not get what you want... the SE kits, well let's say, is confusing to say the least.
The dealers data system can identify every part ever used or offered in any SE kits, as well as every component in the kits, in seconds, all that is needed is the part number of the kit.
Sadly, most parts associates have no idea how to access the info..
Agreed. Seller said it was the newer 25284-11 kit , or was not aware..
Both local shops were closed today when I called for the info, forgot it's Monday
Thread updated for future search references.
Pics of the three HD oil pumps I have, top one is the stock unit from a 2005 tc88.
Middle unit is from the 2008 hydraulic plate kit and also the stock pump on the 96" tc.
Bottom unit is the SE version that comes with the kits since 2011, it also can be purchased from dealer by itself pn# 6240000.
You can see the rotors with less teeth have more space for the oil = increased volume & pressure.
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1 - 4 of 8 Posts