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NOS SE cam plate-oil pump kit questions.

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Hey all,
Still getting parts together for the 05 FXDCI.
Got a NOS plate hydraulic tensioner kit # 25284-08 Dated 2011.
The pump looks like OEM , the # is 26277-06. Was expecting the 62400004 Hi Flow SEpump.
Couldn't find an answer with the search function.
Did I get the wrong pump , or the numbers changed ?

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Why didn't you buy the current kit (25284-11) instead of a NOS kit? That kit has the high-volume oil pump. But the number they give is 62400001.

Did you look on the Harley Davidson website for the pertinent information? https://serviceinfo.harley-davidson.com/sip/service/document/240433?locale=en_US

I found a thread on another Forum where they talk about this very subject. You might try searching the internet, not just this Forum, for the part number of the kit you bought and the number for the newer kit. You'll probably get a hit for the same thread. I don't know if I am allowed to give a link to another Forum.
Lots of chatter about this out there. Mostly older. I found and quoted this from somewhere back in 2011.

Instruction sheet J05336: Page Not Found | Harley-Davidson USA
PN# 25284-11 (orange)
Fits '99-'05 Dyna® models, '00-'06 Softail® models and '99-'06 Touring models
Includes pump PN# 62400001

Instruction sheet J04804: Page Not Found | Harley-Davidson USA
PN# 25284-08 (black)
Fits '99-'05 Dyna® models, '99-06 Touring models, and '00-'06 Softail® models.
Includes pump PN# 26037-06
Looks like the one you got just has the stock pump for when the TC96 came in. Still an upgrade from the TC88 pump, but not the SE version of the newer kit.
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