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Hudman said:
Going to be staying Sharps Chapel, Tn, which is about 45min north/east of Knoxville and looking for some suggestions for good routes/rides to and from Smokey Mountian National Park and the surrounding area. Also, looking for attractions/sights/eats that shouldn't be missed when coming to the area. Never been to this area, but have an opportunity to visit over Memorial Day Weekend.

Any information would be appreciated.

You should definetly do the Dragon (US 129) back through Cherhala Skyway back to Knoxville....Nice day ride (about 100 miles) lots and lots of twisties and beautiful scenery...There's all kinds of good twisties in the area and nice scenery...They sell a map ($8.00) that has over 34 different "loops" or day trips at all the local dealerships and indies so go get a copy....It even helped me with trips and I grew up here:huh:

As far as attractions/sights/eats there are plenty just ask around....Unless you like traffic stay away from Sevierville and Pigeon Forge....Tourist trap city:nunu: ... One good place to eat in Knoxville would be Sam and Andy's in West Knoxville, have a Vol Burger Special...If you are near I-75 and Clinton Norris off ramp Golden Girls on Hwy 61 has got some awesome food as well....

Hope this helps!!!!
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