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This has probably been discussed, but I couldn't find it...

I'm thinking about adding an oil cooler to my 2003 95" Road Glide. I have the Wally World oil temp gauge in the dash, and have observed the oil temp for a year now.

Around 70* ambient I run around 190-210. In the summer with ambient temps around 100, It is usually around 230* but I have seen it as high as 270-280* when I ride it hard.

I looked in my service manual, and the only mention of oil temperature I could find was under checking oil pressure. One of the first steps said to make sure the oil was at normal operating temperature of 230*

The bike has never gone into the safety mode due to being overheated.

So, using the temperature of the oil as indicator of overall engine heat, how hot is too hot?

If 230* is normal, is 280 too hot?

If so, how come the Harley version of my Wally World gauge reads to 350*?

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