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wkohn said:
save yourself some time and money. Call Steve at www.gmrperformance.com (he is a site sponser and sells www.revperf.com).

Yes you can have a 88 bored to 95 and have the coating put on but it will cost less to get the 98" kit from Steve. Do a search on this site for HDWrench (Steve). He helps a lot of people on this site.

@gree: WITH WKOHN.... I have just completed my build a week ago using 98" kit ,37g cams, flat top pistons,comp lifters,lmr spring HUGE k&n ac, street ported heads all from Steve at GMR performance..... and let me tell you my buddy has a mild 95" build on a low rider and you should have seen his face when the fatboy on the fatboy pulled away from him and he could not catch me....... save your money and call STEVE aka HDWRENCH on this forum.....
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