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Night train stalling issue when hot

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This will be a long post sorry but want to get out all the details. This problem has been driving me nuts and I’m starting to get lost in diagnosing problem hoping you guys/gals can help.
Bike: 1999 harley nightrain softail. 1340 evo. Heads have been decked, stock cv carb (180 main, 45 pilot, sporty needle with 1 shim), Stock ignition, drag 3ohm dual fire coil, screamin eagle plug wires, ngk plugs, new petcock, new fuel line throughout bike, new starter, Samson legend shortys with baffles.
Problem: Bike when cold starts up fine, idles great, drives great. Once it gets hot it just sputters out and dies when riding (all lights stay on when dies). Also if bike sits in sun for few hours it will act up almost right away.
Example: Decided to take bike to bike show last weekend. Pulled bike out of garage, started up just fine and made the 15 mile ride to show just fine, however when I shut it off (kill switch) it kind of dieseled for half a second and shut down properly with kill switch and key. Bike sat at show for 4 hours in 80 degree weather with sun beating down on it. Ended up winning best of show which was awesome. Got on bike fired right up, started to pull out of show and bike died (embarrassing as hell since it just won award you know). I felt with my hand the coil which was cool (not cold but not scorching hot), I then felt cam cover which was warmer then coil but again not burning hand hot. I moved petcock around (on off reserve) and no luck. Let it sit for 2 min put bike on reserve and fired up. Made it another half mile bike dies. I pull off gas cap and try to start bike, no luck. Feel coil again cool/slightly warmer but not by much, felt cam cover it was warmer then before but not burning. Let bike cool down another 2-3 min bike fires up and makes it 1 mile before it dies. At this point I grabbed a bottle of water I had and poured it on cam cover, while changing petcock to ON. I let bike sit for 5 min. Fires right up and seems like it was good to go. I then drive it the 10 miles or so home without issue, and had to idle at stop lights twice (no hesitation on drive off or driving period) bike ran like nothing had happened. Park bike let it sit over night. Next day I decide enough is enough (this problem has been happening for last 1.5yrs). I get out heat gun pull cam cover off and put heat gun on ignition sensor --- get it to point where I can no longer touch it and you could start to see glue bubbling slightly I go to fire bike up and it fired right up and revved no problem. At this point is where I am lost. I assumed that would be issue since bike was hot when it stalled out. So then I heat coil and try it, again no issue bike fired right up. Every year I change fuel filter in tank and there always is dirt on it, but this one has less then 20 miles on it. Tank was ½ full entire time I had issues. I took ignition key apart and cleaned it (did not look bad at all but cleaned anyways). I had Daytona twin tec ignition on bike before I thought might have been issue but swapped it with factory unit so that I don’t think is issue, although VOES light would never light up on Daytona twin tec box (#1007). I ran that ignition both with single fire coil and dual fire and still had stalling issue. All parts on bike honestly have less than 50 miles on them. I did not check spark when bike dies but wouldn’t issue come up when I was testing with heat gun if that was issue. It certainly seems ignition related because jetting seems to be spot on, plugs looked good when I checked them first time. Jetting was rich for a while but feels much more responsive now with 45 pilot instead of 46. And mixture screw 2.25-2.5 turns out. Please point me in right direction thank you guys.
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I'm having this exact problem with my 91 FXR did you ever figure it out?
Gosh Darn It! What is with all the FNG'S that don't introduce themselves and post a question to an ancient post?!!

Welcome and check out your cam sensor in your nosecone. It may look melty and need replacing.
Sorry I tried to message him directly. Bought a fxrsc am stuck interstate and is with a mechanic for two days can't figure it out quite desperate. We've tested fuel tap, carby, ridden it with fuel cap off. Replaced stock ignition to single fire dynatek 2000i so new wires, coil etc.
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