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Night Riding Clear or Yellow Lenses, Which do you like?

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I am getting ready to order some riding glasses for night time use. I have always used clear lenses at night, but have seen some glasses listed as night time with yellow lenses. What do you guys prefer. I haven't riden with yellow before. Give me some feedback.

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I tried yellow at night and didn't like them much. OK for overcast days, but not much else IMHO...
I hate the yellow lenses. For some reason, the red lights don't register for me. Locked up the rear... nursed it to a stop and went back to clear.
Clear is best for me. Got to go with Mega on yellow good for overcast days, but my rose work better.
Clear for me and yellow on overcast.
same as above responses, yellow at night sucks.
Odd man out

I prefer yellow night/overcast.
I have rode with clear and yellow at night, and I prefer the yellow for nights and overcast, rainy days. They seem to gather light better and make things look brighter. and I am able to see things better.

I never noticed a problem seeing red with them.

Mine are safety glasses from a safety place, so they are cheap. Before you buy an expensive pair, get a pair of clear and a pair of yellow from your local safety supply place and try them both.


Thanks guys for the responses. I decided to go with the clear for night riding I am not real sure if I would like the yellow. Maybe down the road I will try a pair but for now I am going with the clear. I just ordered a two pair from Ian at biker-glasses.com I got the clear ones for night time and a tinted pair for daytime. If I really like these then I might order the yellow ones later on.

Thanks Again!
Good decision! I tried the yellow at night, found that clear in rain and night works better (for me).....
I like the yellow for all 'low-light' conditions like dawn, dusk, overcast skies....

But for night riding I really prefer a good set of clear. I don't want any "effects" obscurring my vision when I'm trying to see into the ditch. I have a set of goggles that have all three lens selections...which has come in handy more than once.
In some states yellow is considered a tint and is not legal! Personally, I prefer the clear. I use yellow sometimes, and they tend to make the oncoming head lights brighter and the grassy animal hiding area along side the road less visable. Yellow is great for cloudy daytime, but not after dark.
I use transition lenses. Day or night I don't have to change lenses. Though they are not real dark in daylight, they are dark enough for me because I don't care for real dark lenses. At night they are clear.
Try a pair with a Blue Tint lens @ night,they cut the glare you get with clear a lens and dont change the look like a yellow lens.
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