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All 3 are Factory Sealed and are some hot new items out right now!! These three items flow smoothly together and give you the hottest look ever!

This consists of:
Front RC Component Sabre Wheel
Rear RC Component Sabre Wheel
Carriage Works Riptide Sprocket

The Suggested Sabre's retail is well over $1000 on the RC Components Website and on BikersDiscounts.com, there Best Price for these is over $550. The Carriage Works Suggested Retail is $496.90.

Remember these are Factory Sealed, These may be shipped or picked up in St. Louis Area, depending on your preferences!

I am only asking $1300 obo!
Email me: [email protected]

Here are some pics below:

<img src ="http://www.bikersdiscounts.com/images/rc-sabre-whl.jpg">

(riptide is far right)
<img scr="http://www.actiontools.net/CARRIAGE%20WORKS%20SPROCKET1.gif">
http://www.actiontools.net/CARRIAGE WORKS SPROCKET1.gif
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