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Newly discovered Denim Black benefit

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After riding in the high wind dust storms we are experiencing in South Orange Co., CA, I tried something I would never do on Gloss paint. I didn't wash my bike, I just wiped it clean and it looks great. It took a whole 5 minutes. Well, enough typing, I'm going riding!:brows:

06 FXDBI Denim Black
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That's music to my ears as I loathe washing my bike.
A Major Reason I went with Black Denim.

You people that go on about the denim paint being so low maintenance totally amaze me. That would be the least of anyones problems who set out to detail a bike. In other words, hitting three small pieces of tin with wax and then buffing it off has to take what, all of a 1/2 hour. It's the rest of the scoot that will end up looking like **** unless you stay up on it and put in some real time cleaning and preserving it. Admit it, maybe you folks are closet rat-bikers and are just waiting for the rest of your ride to catch up to the paint where it comes to looks. :cheers:
You got me, I must be a closet rat bike guy!
Don't get me wrong I wash my bikes 2 times a yr and detail them regularly with the "BOM" but unlike a few of my buddies I spend time riding it and if it gets dirty I still ride it, instead of staying home to clean vs riding.
:thumbsup: I call it the Steath Fighter look! Check Six!:lurker:

Enough detailing those bikes, Let's go riding!

I think it's sexy

I used a similar color on my FXR before I'd even heard of Denim black.

I figured chrome was the brightest color obtainable. To contrast it I used what I believed was the complete opposite...a flat/matte black.

BTW-The oil tank now matches the tank & fenders--old pic.

I think the Exile bikes using this color look great.

This is my idea of a pseudo "Rat Bike".
It's actually a new manufacture.
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Can't say that I miss those temps at all (southern AZ by way of Int'l. Falls Mn) snow, rain, hail, bugs, tent caterpillar (slippery) invasions, logging trucks, deer, road salt, six months of riding and the rest of those delights that won't come to mind at the moment, LoL...

I don't actually wash my bikes, not as in soak with water anyway. Those screws with the cheap cadmium plating that H-D uses are a prime example of just one part on a new bike that will get funny looking quicker than you can say "is it time for my first oil change yet" . For those that don't know, they sacrifice their coating in what's know as electrolytic corrosion, a process kicked off by the slightest amount of condensation. There are just so many parts on a new bike, all bare aluminum, polished fins etc. that need a good coating of protectant to maintain looks.

To me it's not so much about looks as it is knowing those parts hiding under the heavy layer of AZ dust/dirt are protected so when it does come time (not very often) to clean it, the dirt will slide right off and everything underneath will be all purdy.

I also like to seal the spoke nipples so that when I change a tire I don't find rust all over under the rim strips.

I've never owed or ridden one of the lesser marques where there is no or very little pride of ownership, maybe that's why I have developed the preservation habits that I have. Old and still learning : ) :cheers:
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I never understood the 'rat-bike' concept myself. And, truth be told, I don't understand Exile Cycles.

As for Exile, I'm sure the bikes actually run. I'm referring to a comment he made about Biker Build Off. The guy said, "We've never lost in Europe or won in America." Some one ought to explain the concept of "When in Rome" to this guy. Viewing just a handful of American calenders of cars and bikes ought to prove that Americans like chrome.

And here's what I believe the problem is.

If you want to be known as a 'biker,' then why do you let the very thing that defines you rot out from under you?

I've seen guys chain smoke several packs of 4-dollar cigarettes, but then seem unable or unwilling to spring a few bucks for wax, even Turtle Wax from K-Mart.

I would cut the guy some slack if the 'rat' was a real sleeper and ran really well. Most times they puff fumes, rattle like a can of rocks and leak more oil than a Iraqi wet dream.

We seem very quick to judge a newbie on a new Sporster and sqeaky new leather jacket, and yet give the ratter a pass.

In truth, both have spent about as much time behind a wrench.
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Sounds like another 'to wash or not to wash' thread, but since it's here I'll throw in my couple of pennies.

My bike gets quite dirty because I ride pretty much all the time unless it's bitter cold or it's snowing. But, I don't leave it dirty for very long for a few reasons...

First, you don't know what kind of corrosive crap is being trapped in the dirt you're picking up. Second, if it gets wet that dirt will hold moisture. Third, in the conditions I ride in I'm sure I'm picking up salt and I want to rinse that off as soon as I can. Rarely does it go for more than a week without a wash if I've been riding where salt hasn't washed off the road yet.

The biggest reason I keep it washed is that it took me many years to be in a position to buy this bike and I'm not going to let it go to ****. I've always kept all my bikes pretty clean and even washed/waxed dirt bikes I've had. It also doesn't take a lot of time to do a decent wash job, so the whole "I don't waste valuable riding time washing my bike" argument is BS as far as I'm concerned.

Now, I don't go nuts and polish every inch of chrome each time I wash it, but I do blow dry it and go over it with some detailing spray in between major cleaning sessions. None of this has taken me a lot of time to do and with the exception of a few nicks and scrapes from rocks and such, it looks almost as if it was bought yesterday. What the hell is wrong with someone taking enough pride in their investment that they want to keep it looking decent?
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I wonder how many of you know that the denim (suede) look was born out of necessity long before the word "kool" meant something other than cold. Heck, it wasn't even "neat", words like that were reserved for real paint-jobs.

A guy's ride was a work in progress and more often than not his only ride for months if not years while it was being finished and made ready for paint, so it was common to mix some junk red, black or clear top coat lacquer into the lacquer based primer to render the primer less porous just to keep water away from the sheet metal, which has me thinking...did "rockabilly" mean drunk male goat back then? LoL :cheers:
jrehm, you for got one thing......CLEANING IT IS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
reg26 said:
jrehm, you for got one thing......CLEANING IT IS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not so sure of that, as I never said I particularly liked cleaning the thing. My wife can barely walk these days and I do my fair share of cleaning already, but if I had my way there'd be Teflon impregnated chrome. However, I've seen in the last few days that this particular substance is going down the shitter also.

Point is, routine cleaning/washing is not difficult and not that time consuming. Also, if you plan it right and clean things when you have them apart during regular maintence it shortens the job.

I am by no means an anal retentive person that carries pipe cleaners in my pocket to 'floss' every nook and cranny. I do have a 'good enough' side to me, but if I'm hanging out with nothing much to do and I don't particularly feel like riding at the moment (trust me, I gotta feel like total crap to not want to ride) I'll spend a little more time and do some chrome polishing or whatever. Seems like a pain at the time, but the end result is well worth it.
I polish my chrome and keep the engine immaculate. I like the Exile bike look because the focus is on the motor. And if you check out the new 06 Big Dog chopper in Matte Black with subtile pinstriping, it makes that V-Twin motor leap out! I would like to see more Matte colors out there like dark blue and a tactical grey, like on an F/A-18. Thats why I like my Denim Black, not only it doesn't show swirls like on gloss black paint, but it highlights the beauty of that gorgeous V-Twin motor! HD put just the perfect amount of chrome and polished aluminum highlights on the 'Bob'.:thumbsup:
Motosurf said:
HD put just the perfect amount of chrome and polished aluminum highlights on the 'Bob'.:thumbsup:

Amen..there is not much in my opinion to change or add to the bike. I had a hard time trying to come up with stuff to add to it..or take away from my wallet. I doubt if I add it all up it would come to 1k. Sometimes simplicity is bliss!
THEStinger said:
Amen..there is not much in my opinion to change or add to the bike. I had a hard time trying to come up with stuff to add to it..or take away from my wallet. I doubt if I add it all up it would come to 1k. Sometimes simplicity is bliss!
That's why the majority of the money I have in it at this point is in the engine.
my "bike time" is limited.... clean it or ride it? screw you guys, I'm going riding... which is why I've been considering powder coating the tins semi-goss or flat black... I could wash it with a sidewalk broom that way.
reg26 said:
jrehm, you for got one thing......CLEANING IT IS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm going to have to disagree with you,my shovel hasn't been washed since 1991. it's even won a few trophys in bike shows. last year it took first in the rat class at a show in central wisconsin. a friend of mine who also has a quality rat explained it like this to some people one day "they're just more fun.no cleaning just ride it." after you let it go a couple of years and it starts to get that fine patina it gets easier to not wash. park it next to some shinny trailer queen and guess which one gets the looks. i've seen people on their hands and knees checking out the dirt,get up and shake my hand and tell me they love it.now my fl gets washed 4 times a year, around memorial day,4th of july,labor day and before i put it away for the winter. nobody ever looks at it when it's all clean and shinny.i do it but i don't like it.
THEStinger said:
Amen..there is not much in my opinion to change or add to the bike. I had a hard time trying to come up with stuff to add to it..or take away from my wallet. I doubt if I add it all up it would come to 1k. Sometimes simplicity is bliss!
i'm thinking about taking mine the '50 route.

tumbstone tailight, vintage bullet markers, knuckle/xlx handlebar, mustang vintage solo seat.

in the future mayb some FL fenders, cateye dash and a 7" headlight.

other then that, just ridin'...:thumbsup:
Hey tourist,

Not all americans like bling on their bikes. I have never understood chrome everywhere. I think Exile bikes are the picture of perfection. While everyone is looking for bling Exile puts the money in quality, technology and simplicity.
Their bikes have a supe clean, muscular look to them its just pure understated class.

On the other side of the coin, how comfortable would they be for long trips?

Love my denim Bob. Black is beautiful. Chrome is painful. Just what I dig.

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