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Hey all,

My name is Luke, i just registered here today, I live in Central New York. Not the city, a nice small town, with a couple of good bars, and plenty of roads to ride between about end of April to about September!

My father and me have been working in the automotive field for awhile, and bikes for the joy of it!

We've worked on and drove American bikes. From a 1978 HD Soft tail, knucklehead, 2003 Indian Chief, to our current project for resto, a 1970 HD Servi-Car Police Special.

The Servi-Car is what brings me here. In need of help with the 45ci for parts and knowledge. And also for some people out there that have a general whats-what on this beautiful bike.

I'm Throwing my feelers out there to anyone that has any incite on this lady, and just general conversation about the world of v-twin-age. :)

So feel free to private message me anytime! And i look forward the convos to be had!

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