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New Year's resolutions for 2003 ...

1. Count my many blessings ... beautiful wife, beautiful scoot, wonderful Republican President, living in the land of the free, good job, good health, a very loooong .....

2. Decide between the Mustang, Corbin, or Road Zeppelin for the Ultra.

3. More road time.

4. Continue my search for the finest red wine that nobody has discovered and still sells for under $ 10.00

5. Give away more time, money and stuff.

6. Wave at all bikers.

7. Bring home more flowers.

8. Catch more fish.

9. Figure out how to slow down Father Time.

10. Convert all dems and other deranged liberals to conservatives.

May need to put my flame suit on ... Happy New Year all!!!

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ultras classic: your living in a dream world........WAKE UP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! us democrats will come back to haunt you very soon, just wait

medicine woman: thank you, because you have just helped me think that i have more will power then i thought. i am almost getting excited about the prospect of being a non-smoker;)

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My husband to be currently smokes and has promised me and himself that he will quit by the time we move in together one month from now.
I have put a little extra fire under his ass to actually do it too... I told him that I would start smoking again if he doesn't make his deadline. I told him I will stink, get yellow teeth, premature wrinkles and cancer right along with him. He really really doesnt want me to start smoking again....
I think it just might work. :)

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ginger said:

i am definately ganna give the quit smoking a whirl.......

Rule #1. You are NOT going to give it whirl, a try, or anything of the sort. You are just gonna do it!

Remove all excuses to fall. One of the things I did IMMEDIATELY when I stopped is started saying, "I Don't Smoke."

I'll tell ya what, each time I got the urge I reminded myself, I DON'T SMOKE. It felt so good saying it that I honestly believe it helped get me through it.

Ginger I know you can do it!

Don't worry about the couple of pounds or getting edgy. Hell if that happens, SERVE MORE TACOS!

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