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The first thing I should do is spend less time in front of this 21st century idiot box. I guess that will have to wait till spring (that's about june around here.) I did quit drinking coffee in the last couple weeks. Went from more than a pot of caf in the day time and another pot of decaf at night to -- ZERO. I took "advantage" of having the flu when I couldn't drink any, to completely break the habit. Switched to DECAF GREEN TEA! Most suprising thing is that I don't miss it at all, I figured I'd be falling asleep on the way to work and snoring at my desk, but I can't even tell the difference!

My annuyal new years resolution is to start working out again, to try to work of some of the excess chili fat. Hate having to get started every winter, makes me sore as hell for the first couple weeks.
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