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Hi SuperKaz,

glad to hear that new wheels look great, can´t wait to see your pictures !!! How about the new rear end, did they paint it silver or will you paint the whole bike. As you know I will have my new wheels within next 3-4 weeks and they hope they can paint the rear according to the alu airbox. I will try, otherwise I will paint the whole bike and may some small airbrush on the airbox like some 3-D V-ROD logo I will create by myself.

How about the belt. It has to go more outside the bike and I will loose my belt-covers (I bought the chrome upper and lower). The wheels will have an offset from the middle some 5-10 mm, but they told me you will never realize while riding. Same with yours ???

How about the drag-bar, that´s something I will do, too. As I am 190 cm and have long arms so I sit very straigt up. I will have chrome grips with rubber lines in it and Kellermann turn lights in the end.

Great deal, your custom V-ROD ! Looking forward to your pictures and riding experiences !!

Have a ride for me, it´s raining all the time here.

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