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Well it finally made it - my Vrod arrived and I picked it up Friday afternoon and made the 75 mile ride back home. Put another 70 miles on it today. Everything seems to be working fine. The low center of gravity makes this an easy bike to ride, at least for me. It is quiet, all I can hear at 50 mph are those voices in my head, er, I mean all I can hear is the wind.

I will work up a better riding impression tomorrow - if the weather is bad. Otherwise I will have to go for another ride.

I did notice something at the delivery inspection that I thought was maybe not quite right. On the right side, down near the passenger footpeg, the exhaust is secured with a bolt through a rubber bushing. The bolt has a hole in the end of it, as if a cotter pin should go there, but there is just a hole. What does yours look like?
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