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Hello to all, looking forward to having a bunch of folks to reach out to for help. Just picked up a 2000 Ultra Classic that rides like a dream.

Rode it 400 miles and ran like a top but idled low. Took it to a local independent shop to adjust hot idle. They tested fuel pressure,good, tested intake for leaks,no leaks, then adjusted hot idle screw to 1050 RPM from 750. Bike ran great coming home. Start bike next morning, bike went to 1200 rpm and starting popping back through air cleaner, idle ramps up and down from 900 to 1300 rpm. Once warmed up, popping stops and idle sits at 1050. When hot idle adjustment was done the ECM 5 amp fuse was not pulled. From previous owners notes see it had a stage 1 map done at a dealer in 2001. Bit out of touch on EFI, last bikes were all carb.

Looking for guidance to get a smooth idle.

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