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I followed an interesting link from another forum, and here I am.
Started riding after the service... first bike was a Triumph Bonneville 650. Which was a KILLER bike, when I started. If I had any decent friends, they would have talked me out of it. But they were all disgruntled vets, so there was no rational talk.
Many years, and multiple trips around the various odometers.
I purchased the "golden Turd" this past December... 2005 Road Glide, in "smokey gold" Bike was forlorn at the dealership... 10,526 miles in 3 model years... tsk tsk tsk... Today it's resting in the garage with 24,687 on the clock... not bad for under 9 months.

well that's my story... I'll bore you later with more


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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