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Hey guys! I just bought a '82 Ironhead Sportster 1000 that I've had my eye on for a while. Picked it up in running order for $3100. I've had to do a few things like bleed the rear brakes and do a general tune-up but other than that it's running fine. The bike is all original (even down to the sometimes cranky HD OEM carb). I do have a few questions for the experts out there though.

I'm missing the right mirror and I'd like to stay completely original on this bike. Can anyone think of a good source for one? What should I be oiling the drive chain with (just 80W oil or something like that)? I'd like to check the ignition timing on the bike as I think it might be a touch off, any tips (outside of the service manual) on how to do that correctly, maybe from someone that's done it before?

Loving this bike so far and have put about 100 miles on it in the two days I've owned it. It will always be cared for but it'll be ridden, no garage or trailer queen here. :)

I look forward to hearing any words of wisdom from you guys.

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