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Hello From the STL

I actually live in a small town 17 miles outside St.Louis,Mo on the Illinois side call Alton,IL.
Harley Davidson are much loved here you see them everywhere here.
I have never owned a motorcycle myself,just road my brothers,friends etc. 20 yrs ago. At 50yrs old its my time now I want a nice Harley Davidson.

My plan is to get a beater bike and take classes a basic and a mid-level class. My friends tell my this will help me get my skills up to speed. Now the big Question Which Harley is for my?
I love the Road King Classic ,Softail Deluxe,Fat boy,blackline.
There is something in the back of my mine telling me to get a Dyna and go for a Road King Classic later as a second bike.
The Dyna I like are the Street BoB and Super Glide Custom.
Here I see mostly Dyna maybe 35% softails 15% tour bikes.
(just my best guess)

I'm short 5'7.5 with a 28 inseam, my wife will ride with me about 20% of the time after my learning curve.
I don't plan on touring just country rides and up and down the river road.,,maybe a 50 mile loop. I would like some comfort..I don't want to have recover after every ride.
Your comments requested


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Welcome to the site.

Ride your beater bike for awhile to make sure you love motorcycling before dishing out big bucks.

So after a year of riding, you may have a different idea of what you want to do with the bike.

Once you get your license\experience, go to the HD open houses and schedule test rides of the different bikes. Or at least try sitting on a few to get a feel, keep in mind most can be lowered an inch or 2. Renting a bike for a day is also a good way to be sure.

Myself I believe the road king is the best bike for me, it may not be for you.

Take your time.

You may even find that you would prefer a goldwing or victory, nothing wrong with that.


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Welcome to the Forum!

Buy a used, mid-sized Japanese bike. Take professional lessons. Get some experience.

As I said on another thread, the first and second years of motorcycling are risky due to lack of experience.

All too often I read about guys in their 50's-60's getting their first bike and then getting messed up because they took a turn too fast and too wide.

When you are ready, a Road King is a nice bike for two up. The wife needs/deserves a nice seat and backrest for her to appreciate motorcycling.

You can get a bike with a low seat for the rider and if need be the bike can lowered even further.

Good luck.

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Welcome to the forum and good luck in your new adventure. I'm only 5'6" and I ride an Electra Glide. I could stand for it to be a little lower, but with my feet on the boards it's fine,:). With my wife on the back it, it's perfect.
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