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New to forum, in CT.

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Hey Everyone. New here. After a 15 year break my last ride being a 883, I got back into rideing and now am the proud owner of a FXDCI.
Nice forum you have here, been learning a lot.
Heres the bike.
See you on the boards.
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:welcome: to the forum Trapper. Clean looking motorsickle!! Congrats! Lots of great info here. Post up often and enjoy!
Welcome and enjoy. plenty of knowledgable people here.

Good luck and ride safe.
:welcome: to the forums and congrats on the nice ride.
Welcom to the forum, maybe I'll see ya round this summer.

Colchester, CT
Wes, maybe. Im in Clinton. Took off today at noon and rode all day, shoreline. Wow, what a day for Febuary riding. Even around 8 pm it didnt seem cold at all.
Saty in touch
Hey Trapper, Good Thing Ou Took Advantage Of The Mild Weather,winter Is Now Upon Us ! Im Sure Ill See You Around The Shoreline Area, Im Only A Few Miles Down The Road.
Welcome to the forum and the Connecticut chapter of cool dudes with awesome scoots.

See you on the roads.
Thanks for the welcome all..springs almost here.
Trapper1 said:
Thanks for the welcome all..springs almost here.
Yeh sure, coupla more months :265:
Welcome tho :D
Hey, were no fair weather rider here.. ;)
41 degress today and 35-36 tonight. 30 miles, didnt even get cold..
no, thank u, I'll wait till gets lill warmer
not particularly care to freez my buns :rolleyes:
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