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New To Forum - Hello

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When I was 15 (Im 36 now) I went to visit my aunt in Cooperstown, NY. She was dating this maniac who owned a sportster. Well he comes over a hill doing 80 and hits a deer. The antlers got caught in the forks, broke the deers neck and he doesnt go down. So for an excuse to party they had a venison roast that weekend. Having the opportunity to ride there on the back of his bike I say ok. We head out to the party and were doing 55. So I slap him on his leather jacket and point upward. He drops it down a gear and wrings it out, now were doing 90 - 100 and Im thinking how cool is this? We get to where the party is and theres gotta be 20-30 bikes lined up along the road. I go inside, and all these long haired bearded guys are hanging out, blasting rock music, so I get with the program and grab a beer, (yes, I was a delinquent) eat some venison, meet some people and it ended up creating a memory that stuck forever. I knew that someday I didnt just want a motorcycle, I wanted a Harley-Davidson. I turned 21 and wanted to buy a Harley. A new Softail was $8900 at the time, and since I was already into fast cars I figured I could buy one that needed work and put it back together. I ended up getting some great advice, which was to go for a big twin right away, I found a 75 Super Glide that was basically a rolling chassis, but ended up having a 88 stroker motor. I paid $4000 and it cost me another $1500 to put it on the street with new sheetmetal, & paint, wiring, and trans work. And with that motor I never lost a race to another HD while I owned it (it was 1991). I learned to tune an S&S carb and the ignition system, and how to kick start a big twin. Then I fired it up, took off for a ride and found everything I was looking for. I ended up working part time in a shop, prospecting for a teeny weeny 1 chapter club, and forged some life long friendships by the end of that first summer. That bike is long gone but I have another Shovelhead, a Twin Cam FLH, and put my wife on a sportster. I get a lot of enjoyment out of wrenching on my own rides, and I try to go somewhere I have never been before every year and take a lot of photos. I found what I was looking for and I figure now I need to stay healthy and see how many years I get to enjoy this experience I cherish so much. Im Looking forward to learning some new things and meeting more good people here, See you in the forum.

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Hey Keith what's up?:welcome:
Cool story man.Post some pics if you can.
Anyway welcome to VTF man!:beer4u:
Wow, Keith... you've had quite a ride to get to this point. Glad you were able to hang on long enough to make it here.

We're glad you are here, too. Post often and enjoy the banter!


Here are some pix of my ride.


Hey Keith... sounds like you are doing fine and have some great memories.

Just don't hold on too tight and forget how to have fun.

Welcome and looking forward to your pics.

:welcome: to the forum. Sounds like some of the things I have done in the past. Post up often and enjoy!
Hi Keith:

That's a cool story. Would make a great book or movie.

You have sure chosen the right forum to hang your leather jacket for a while.

There are a whole bunch of folks here who understand exactly how you felt on that first ride and how you continue to feel when you get in the wind.

Welcome to the fast, funny and highly informative V-TwinForum.
71baldboy said:
Hey Keith what's up?:welcome:
Cool story man.Post some pics if you can.
Anyway welcome to VTF man!:beer4u:
Heres a couple pics

Superglide stroker

I have these bikes currently.
81 Low Rider, frame up rebuild 1996


91 Sportster 1200 (wifes bike)
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Hi Keith how's ti goin' man?
Great shots an i love your shovel....old school cool.
I got your email man and i will definitely get back to ya with some shots of my scoot and a few shots of Adelaide. Should be gettin, a digital camera for Chrissie.
Anyways man Merry Christmas and a happy new year.!drunk!
Welcome to the forum. Good story, thanks.
Had problems posting it, but this was my stroker super glide, 1991. A year later it had FLH fenders, apes, and a wide glide.

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Keith -

Welcome to the board - and thanks for a great story. Ya got some nice-lookin' scoots there too.:thumbsup:

Great story! It would never have occured to me to use a motorcycle as a deer hunting weapon......:blink: The party sounds like it was blast! :welcome: to the forum! More stories like yours to be found here, along with great advice, and great folks! Post often!

Ride Safe!

P.S. Very cool rides! Thanks for the pics!
w'sup from canadistan...sounds like this ain't your first rodeo...

got a nice stable of scoots..
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