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New Skull Stuff From Skull Man OnLine

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Skull Man OnLine, A Proud sponsor of V-twin forum is now offering some new skull items for the skull enthusiast. We are now offering Harley Skull Horn Cover with hand made glass eyes and backlit LED's. Kick ass hand sculpted 3D triple plated show chrome SKULL horn cover that replaces your "cow bell" cover.
Made in the USA. Fits all Harley's 1992-present.
Choose red, white, blue, green, amber, or purple. LED's draw little very little power from your battery when the ignition is off and they are guaranteed to last a life time.

Also for Deuce owners with snap in type lenses, there is now skull turn signal covers. Lexzar lenses are designed to fit Deuce style turn signals 2002-05. These high-impact acrylic beauties just pop right in, and come complete with a pair of the newer low-profile 12-volt bulbs. For front or rear use as noted. Front lenses come with single-filament amber bulbs; rear lenses come with dual-filament clear bulbs. Sold in pairs.
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