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This is Shoie's premium 3/4 helmet, redesigned for 2007 to be more aero-dynamic. I bought it 9/14/07 and realized after one ride that it is too big for me. Unfortunately for me. I installed a quick release helmet latch so I can't exchange it with the vendor for a smaller size.
Under 100 miles of wear, virtually new, great color. Cost to me was $223 shipped - price is $159 including shipping.
Contact me at [email protected] or 310-822-3482.
Below is vendor's info on this helmet:
The RJ Platinum-R is Shoei’s nextgeneration open face helmet, sporting a smooth, streamlined new look and an overhaul of the original RJ-Air features that make this model a top choice for the open road. • Lightweight, Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus (AIM+) shell. • Adjustable top intake and rear exhaust vents. • A 2-layer liner allows for smooth passage of air, improving cooling performance. • Shoei’s distinctive “Open-Road” visor. • Soft and comfortable 3D liner. • Removable/washable interior. • Padded chin strap.
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