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Not long ago I wrote about my experience with New Orleans HD when buying a new bike. Well here is the update on my first service event with them.

I live in Madison, MS, which is about 200 miles from them. I called two days ahead of time and made an appointment to have my 1000 mile service performed. This service was to be at no charge as it was a part of the bike purchase. I made the appointment for 9:00 am.

I arrived about 9:05 and met with the service guy - Steve. Told him I wanted the service done, and synthetic oil put in. I also wanted the Smart Siren 2 installed.

It went into the shop area about 9:30, and in the meantime I walked to McDonalds a block or two down and had breakfast. Mingled around the showroom floor and looked at accessories. Watched a little TV and took it easy. The bike was ready about 1:30. They had finished it earlier, and the service guy said they wanted to let it cool down from the road test and clean it up before getting it back to me.

When they told me it was ready it was shined up and ready to go. I just paid for the Smart Siren and installation. And paid the difference for the Syn 3.

It was a very good experience and I was happy not to have a hassle. It really meant alot to me to have the appointment and have them get on it, because of the ride back home. But my 08 Road Glide is great on the road, turn up the tunes, hit the cruise control and enjoy the ride.

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