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I am stationed overseas doing embassy security for the US embassy. I am very limited on parts I can get. I got one of the old escort bikes out of storage and got it in woking order. Its a 1976 FLH Electra. it rides nicely now. Friend of mine rides on a late model road king. Recently he removed his sliders and brakes in favor of some chrome ones.
Needless to say I got the old ones. I wanted to instal the new braking system on my scoot so...I was hoping the 39 mm sliders would bolt right up to my fork tubes.
Tubes fit nicely into the sliders however they are loose at the bottom.
When looking inside I see a different set-up on the old one v.s. the new.
Does any one know of a way to make this work?
I could put a spacer on the bottom and have the tubes not be loose any more.
Is there anything else I need to be loking for.
All help appreciated.

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