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New Memeber

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Hi Everybody :)

My name is Carlos, I have been a Harley fan for many years, I srated riding when I was 13 (50cc motorcycles) .. after that I manage to climb all the way up to a Ninja 600 (hey, I was 18) ..

I haven't rode a motorcycle in over 5 years now, live changes I guess, but I am now back in the market (finally convinced th wife motorcycles are not evil), and this time .. I whant my HARLEY ;)

Just came from the dealer where I checked the VROD .. very impressive .. but I feel like it' sno longuer for my age/style .. so I was lookign at the Road Kind Classic .. and that's why I am here, to find more about it :)

Cheers all

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Welcome to the forum.. I think you will like the Road King.

You'll definately love the Roadking. Easily converts to a street cruiser by quickly detaching the windshield or leaving it on for a full fledged touring bike.

Good luck in your quest and welcome aboard!
Welcome to the forum, Carlos. The Road King is a very nice bike. You should go to a dealer that rents them so you can try one out.
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