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I'm riding a 96 Honda Shadow ACE VT 1100. I purchased used in 99 with
7500 showing. Added a respectable amount of mileage, odometer now
reads 38,200. Rode it from CT to Daytona, 02 in March...remember how
cold it was. Heated vest & gloves made the trip easier. Didn't see too
many riders the whole trip, wonder why? Did Knoxville,TN in June. I
really enjoy the long rides despite the elements one runs into. Didn't
realize how much of the trip would be riding through VA., took forever to
reach TN. This time it was rain and lots of it to accompany me along my
journey. That's the riding experience.

In addition to the Honda Forum, I am glad to join the HDF. I expect to
own my first Harley in the not to distance future. I feel you have to get
in there and buy one eventually. My Shadow is fine, but damn...with all
the good/bad and in-between that I hear about the Harley machine, you
have to own and ride one to be able to finally decide who's right!

And that's all I have to say about that! :) Glad to be aboard! ;)

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Welcome to the forum .You'll find that this is one if not the best forum on the web! Lots of people here who have tons of riding experience and
knowledge of bikes.In regards to what you hear about H-D ,My son
has a 02 Roadking and that bike is a good machine.Hes rode from here
in W Pa to S.C. and had no problems.
If you never rode a H-D try to do a demo ride at an open house.This
will give you a good idea on what decision to make.Again, welcome
and don't be afraid to jump in there with your posts.
Ride Safe,

:cool: :cool: :cool: :) :cool:
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