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I know, I know, I was supposed to introduce myself before posting. OK, it was only five measley posts. :duh?:

47 years old, bought my first bike at the ripe old age of 13 with my grass-mowing money. Honda 100 on/off road. From there I added a Honda 160, a Yamaha 175 enduro, a 650 Yamaha Twin, my first Sporster, then a Bonneville, a TT500, then another Sportster, then an XJ-1100, an '83 ElectraGlide, a Dyna, a Honda VTX1300, and now an 06 Road King Classic. I left a few out, my memory isn't what it used to be:hmmm:

Second hobby is precision shooting. The wife and I both hunt so we spend a fair amount of time at the rifle range.

Where was I? Oh yeah...

Nice forum - looking forward to a LOT of reading.
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:welcome: to the forum. Post up often and enjoy.
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