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New member from Ohio

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I started riding dirt bikes when I was about 8 years old.I ask my oldest brother when I was 15 to borrow his yamaha 650 special for the day. That was a great day and I've been burnin up the streets ever since.I've owned several bikes thru the years (mostly yamahas and never new ones). Then I bought a new 2000' yamaha vstar and loved it. It was a great bike, but what I really wanted was a harley. I started buying older bikes and fixing them up to resale and in 2004' had saved enough to but a new sportster. Man was I hooked!!! Then I bought an old basketcase 78 ironhead rigid to work on as finances would allow. By this time I was wanting something bigger for the wife and I to go on trips with so I decided to check the local shops for roadkings when I ran across an 05' Electraglide Classic that had been traded in and only had 5200 miles on it. The price was right and the same day I decided to buy I got a call from a friend I had only rode with two or three times asking to buy my yamaha. We worked out the details and a week later I was riding home on my Glide. Now I have three harleys in the garage but I still believe its not what you ride its just that you ride and ride and ride!!! RIDE SAFE !!!!
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Hey, welcome to the forum from Indiana. Enjoy that Glide and post often.


To see pix of my ride...

:welcome: to a great forum. I know you will like it here, a lot of knowledgeable people and great information.
Welcome buckeye, from a wolverine. enjoy the site. plenty of knowledgable people here. I like the scenic ride along the maume river in Ohio.

good luck and ride safe.
Hello to a Buckeye

Okey..I'm a Wolverine...welcome anyway!! Like the previous post, I like ridin' along the muddy Maumee also...both on the putt and the pedal power two wheeler. The hills really give the quads a good burn! Maybe I'll pass ya by sometime this spring. Be safe!
Welcome from Fort Wayne, IN. Good to have you here.
Welcome to the board!!
Welcome to the Forum of the GODS. Nice history you have there. Mine is very similar.

You will find some real cool cats and dogs here at the VTF.

I tip my cap and raise my glass.
:welcome: to the forum. Lots of great info here. Post up often and enjoy.
Welcome Glide Rider! Hard to believe a guy with three HD's is just starting on the forum. You sound like a seasoned member already!
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