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New member from Ohio

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Hi all from Ohio. Here is my story. I got my first bike the Christmas of 1968, it was a mini bike from a discount store from the small town where I lived. It had screaming 5HP engine. My best friend had a Honda 50cc and we road them year round. We lived in the country and we had miles of trails to race on. Unfortionitly he always blow my doors off. A few years later I bought a new Suzuki 185. I had that bike for about four years before I bought a Honda 350. After that I bought a Honda 550 super sport. By this time I am out of school and my buddies were riding Harley's and I was still on my Honda's ( this was not a good feeling ). Nothing against Honda's but it just didn't feel good on road trips with my buddies on there great sounding rides and me on my Honda. Well I then decided to get married and sold all of my toys ( Bikes, boat etc. ). This past November of 2001 I ordered a 2002 FatBoy. I am to get it the first week of March 2002. I just hope that the weather is warm enough here in Ohio to put a few miles on this great looking machine. By the way I Still own a 2000 Honda. I have been coming to this site for a month or so rading and getting some good info.
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Welcome pjmac, glad to hear your story. You really didn't mention what Honda you own now and if you are going to keep it also. I know you are going to enjoy your Fatboy though and I know that you can't wait till March. Hang around here, it'll make time pass faster.



Glad to see that you made it to this site. Congrats on your new scooter.

Be sure and come back and tell us about it when you get it home.

Ride Safe.


You have ridden quite a range of bikes over the years. Didn't they call the Suzuki 185 a sidewinder?

Have fun.
"Ohio" is "Good Morning" in Japanese. Of course the letters would look different.
2002.......well I am still a Noobe and this thread was opened so.......I will jump on the band wagon and welcome a seasoned member who is 3 years my senior.......

Or I am having a tabacco flash-back
P 0 P E Y E said:
I will jump on the band wagon and welcome a seasoned member ...
Same here.
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