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new here to the harley world and have a question. i have a 94 sportster that i got last year and have noticed that when accelerating at WOT the bike is kinda sluggish to begin with and then out of no where at a certain RPM or throttle position (not sure which) it accelerates and runs like a scolded dog. almost like it hits a powerban. its like night and day. is this normal or is the acceleration supposed to be more consistant and gradual and power start more at the lower end? to my knowledge bike is stock and has stock cv carb. drag pipes and different air filter is all.
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Depends at what speed and what gear you have it in when you WOT. If you are going too slow, try dropping it down a gear and see what happens.
happens in every gear. sluggish, more throttle, more throttle, then bam, shift, sluggish, more throttle, more throttle, then bam. the more i think about it the more i guess its a combo of both throttle and RPM. just eventually kicks in every time.
Welcome to the wonderful world of Harley Davidson.

I don't mean to insult right off the bat, but you have none. There might be a handful of 30 year-old Harleys that are stock. But you can't tell, just by looking, what is on the inside. Unless you have already been taking things apart and putting them back together.

Whoever you bought it from could have picked it up cheap and just been looking to turn a quick profit. They might not have known any more than you, and could have told you anything to make the sale and you wouldn't know. Your real learning doesn't start until it's your bike.

Is this bike an 883 or a 1200? That could make a difference in your expectations. And did you get any manuals with the bike? The Owner's is pretty important to a first timer, because these bikes aren't like other bikes. A real shop manual could be the best tool you ever buy for the bike, if you plan to do your own work. Or even if you just want to know what makes it work. And a parts manual could tell you if the things you take for granted are factory or not.

Go here to get an online copy of the parts book for your bike. It's not as good as having the real thing in your hands, but pretty close. Just go there and click until you get to your year and model.

Ronnie''s Harley-Davidson''s (onlinemicrofiche.com)

That ought to keep you busy for a while.
its a 1200. the bike has been chopped, hardtailed, different gas tank, bars, seat, rear fender, seat, sissy bar.etc. complete chopper. only thing sportster about it is basically the forks and engine. if the frame and looks have been modified that much i guess there is a chance the engine has been too (couldnt tell by looking at it tho. crusty old evo with leaky base gaskets and rocker box gaskets.) guy i bought it from didnt ride it much and honestly didnt seem to know much about bikes, just seen it for sale and bought it from the guy who did all the mods to it. he did give me a lot of parts and an original owners manual and Haynes service manual tho which has helped with a few things ive serviced on it. ive had lots of different bikes just never a harley or one that performed the way this one is. i will definitely dig more into the owners and service manual. thanks
Could be you are experiencing the power curve of whatever particular cams are in the engine.
someone else has told me that also. its weird to me becuase the more i try to make it do it the more inconsistent i feel it is.
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