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No one insulted you here but you keep running your .... well I'll just say big mouth
You must have been hit with the barn door when you were still soft

I have a hard time getting along with people who put who would put lights on the end of their handlebars. In my opinion that would the biggest POS, besides three piece handlebars, that you could bolt on a bike.

Go look thru the Kuryakyn and Arlen Ness catalog maybe get some lights for your wheels that go round and round while you going down the road, then you can hang out with your Sons Of Anarchy tee shirt and show everyone what a moron looks like.

Make me use my bullet?
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Well Hell! If I were a little smarter, my tiny, retarded pecker and I might feel offended.

But I isn't, so I 'll just say "thanks for the good belly laugh y'all".

Oh, and I am curious to know what is considered low IQ. Obviously it must be less than the IQ of someone who would post "Later, tiny pecker retards!!!!!!! ". That makes me a little confused.

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I had the solid mounts on an old rigid, I liked the solid feel but noticed on long trips my hand would start to tingle from the extra vibration. And mirrors, well not like I could really see anything anyway with the rigid frame. Of course this was back in the days before the rubber mounted engines.
21 - 34 of 34 Posts