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Hello everyone, ran into fifthgear on another site and he invited me over (I'm Harley78 from the ez board site, messed up when I registered, so I had to re-register under a different name) This is an excellent site, just spent the last 2 hours checking it out.

It's almost riding season here and I can't wait to get out on the road again. This year I will be running a 78 low rider, my hubby and I tore it down and just finished picking up some finishing touches at a swap meet, now it's time to put it all back together:D Spent most of last year running my husband's bikes either the 50 panhead or the 86 heritage. I much prefer the heritage, the panhead is a hardtail and a little hard on the tail Anyway before that it was the Honda rebel that I started out on.

So now that you know my whole life story, I have to ask, are there any other girls on this site?
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HDgirl said:

So now that you know my whole life story, I have to ask, are there any other girls on this site?
Well, not enough to go around for all of us men! :D(just joking of course) . I'm so glad that you could make it to the site. We need a woman rider's input here big time. Sounds like you and your hubby know how to really enjoy the wind in the face together. That's so cool! Make yourself at home. A very special welcome to you.... one of the few women riders to come to the site so far.

Welcome aboard,HDgirl!

Hope you stick around & post often.

Speaking for myself,I think we definately need a womans perspective in here.

Looking forward to your posts.
welcome aboard, get your ole man on the site also
Thanks guys

Thanks for the warm welcome:)

Misguided, I'll try and get him on, but he's not much a talker.
I'd also like to welcome you HDgirl! I'm anxious to ride also, the good weather will be here soon!!!!!! Enjoy the site!

Hello HDgirl,

Enjoy the forum and retain the thick skin so to speak. It looks like you're going to need it by the slant of the replies you've been getting as of late.

The riding season here in the Northeast is just begining so get out there and enjoy!


Hey HDgirl -
Just adding my welcome. I'm relatively new here, too. Where in NE Pa do you folks live?
We're near Hazleton, PA. If anyone is into nascar we are about 1 hour away from Long Pong Motor speedway.
Isn't that near Wilkes Barre? I managed a hospital there MANY years ago.
Yes it is, we are about 45 minutes from WB, what a small world:)
Warm welcome to the board HDgirl. This is a great forum and the folks here are a pretty good bunch. I was able to take a look att the Pan and Heritage from a link in one of your other posts. VERY NICE! Hope the weather cooperates for you soon. Our weather here in OK is kinda screwed up right now, so I just layer on the clothes and ride anyway! My wife says I have to ride for at least 30 minutes a day because it improves my attitude 100 % :D Gotta love that woman!! Anyway, welcome and maybe you can talk your ol' man into jumping in here every once and awhile too.
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