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New Here...There are another Droid as me here??

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Writing far away from your time, from the other side of the planet....The force be with this board!
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Thanks Bro, I thought that r2-d2 was being returned bothering somewhere around... hopely not, again thanks Bro, you save my circuits. LOL

Welcome our south American brother. How's life treating you and Orc. Have not heard much from either lately. May the force be with you also.
Like a Paradaise

Hi roof, we could not be better, get in summer time, and next friday we will start our 1st International HD Meeting in Viña del Mar, Brothers from Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil will come to join the party until sunday, hope some day all our great Bros from land of the North come down and see kind a paradaise I talking about.

Low 5 to ya C3! ( By the way, thanks for the Brazilian hello today!)

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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