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I started riding dirt bikes in the early 70's, a benelli was my first bike at age 12, a crap bike but I moved onto a Honda sl 125 followed by a slew of other dirt bikes.I bought my first street bike a brand new 1986 Honda v65 in 86 in 1994 after 50000 miles I sold it and gave up riding until 1999 when I bought a new honda shadow, a good bike that went to all the Harley rallys, and never was this bike or me disrespected by a Harley owner. Three months ago I bought a chromed out Harley Dyna conv and man Ive had more fun on this bike than anything Ive ridden.
It's got a Andrews cam and some serious motor goodies over 100hp and a blast to ride.It took me a while but Im a Harley rider for life.
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